The Beatles 1962 – 1966 (Yoto Edition)

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Yoto says: An introduction to The Beatles for kids. Enjoy timeless hits from their early years, 1962-1966.

Twelve special chosen tracks from the early years of The Beatles, 1962-1966. The perfect introduction for music-loving kids to the fab-four.

Discover the songs that broke them onto the world stage. Sing, dance and play along to these timeless classics, some of the most popular and indelible rock songs of all time.

1.Love Me Do (2023 mix)
2. Please Please Me (2023 mix)
3. From Me To You (2023 mix)
4. She Loves You (2023 mix)
5. Can’t Buy Me Love (2023 mix)
6. Ticket To Ride (2023 mix)
7. I Want To Hold Your Hand (2023 mix)
8. If I Needed Someone (2023 mix)
9. Drive My Car (2023 mix)
10. Got To Get You Into My Life (2022 mix)
11. I’m Only Sleeping (2022 mix)
12. Yellow Submarine (2022 mix)

Although this Yoto Card is perfect for young children, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.